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Playing Piano


for solo piano or four-hand piano

This prelude (ca. 4') first grew out of a desire of mine to write a work that was heavily based in triadic harmony. I had been, for a lengthy period leading up to this, writing pieces that were mostly non-triadic in harmonic language, and felt a sort of innate need to write something in a dramatically different aesthetic than my other pieces. I decided to write a piece that was post-minimalist in nature, sharing its aesthetic with minimalism, but not aligning with the ethos of minimalist composing. Instead, the piece still exploits elements such as directionality of phrase and cadential movements. In the absence of functional harmony, movement of notes, color, interplay of independent arpeggiation, and contour lend the music its phrasing.

The solo piano version is intended for medium-advanced players while the four-hand version is suitable for amateurs and students.

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