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  • Diego Rocha

A Website!

This is my first of hopefully many blog posts here on my new website, which I've finally gotten around to creating after procrastinating on it for way too long.

I hope to keep this blog section as a little keep-up-to-date journal type thing, where I can share news and sometimes share thoughts or ideas. I'm really excited to have a website now; it'll make it a lot easier to have a centralized place to "send" people when they ask about something.

Besides this website I've been building, my current composition project is a large scale chamber work for a rather unusual quartet: saxophone, trombone, viola and percussion. It is going to be eight movements, with each of them being based around the corresponding interval (1st is unison, 2nd is 2nds... ...8th is octaves). It's quite a polystylistic work. There's bits and pieces of a lot of things in there at the moment... baroque canon, serialism, polytonality, aleatory, tonality, atonality... lots of stuff. I'm pretty excited to get the drafting for it done and am curious to hear what it will end up sounding like- the current working title is The Spaces Between.


A picture from this past summer when I was in Maine for the Atlantic Music Festival.


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